Monday, November 21, 2016

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Jew Scorned

Dear Nazi:

Now you've done it Richard Spencer.  You just lit a fire under the tuchis (that means "ass" in Yiddish, you dipshit) of this "soulless Golem."  My grandmother didn't survive Auschwitz to have me sit by idly while you and your band of scrawny, worthless scum embarrass our country.  What the United States needs now is less loudmouthed, entitled white folk like yourself and more people, regardless of race, that want to work together for the common good.

I'm one of your worst nightmares: A soulless Jew immigration lawyer that helps both documented and undocumented immigrants find a better life in the country that once provided my family with that opportunity. Guess what? There are thousands upon thousands of others like myself that will continue to use our laws for the betterment of society.  When we are done with you and your Nazi vermin, you are going to be a little, meaningless footnote in the history of hate.  

Our spineless president-elect and his soulless son-in-law don't have the cajones to say this, so I'll gladly take the stage for them:

1) The majority of our country rejects you and your hateful rhetoric.

2) You may think that you have won a victory with Trump, but I will guarantee that this country will reverse course quickly and eventually you will be pushed back into the shadows.

3) You are definitely not ready for prime time.  I watched the video of your speech at the National Policy Institute conference.  You need to spend a little more time memorizing your racist, xenophobic, anti-semitic presentations and a little less time with your head looking down at the paper.

4) I will take you on in a debate.  Anytime. Any place.  Bring it.  But, make sure to leave your prepared crib notes at home.  Prove to us that you are ready for prime time!

5) You have a freedom to speak your mind, we have the freedom to resist the garbage you spew. 

So, be forewarned: The entitled Richard Spencers of the world will eventually be drowned out by the people who want to unify and progress our country. Immigrants who have that fire in their belly and want to make a better life for themselves and their families.  LGBTQ families who want to live an equal existence.  Peaceful Muslims who should not be targeted and stereotyped because of radical extremists (like yourself).  Blacks who want to live without fear of being murdered in the streets.  Jews who find their souls and destroy your movement.

So, enjoy this fleeting moment in time.  You will lose this battle.


Soulless "SuperJew" Golem